Systems Security Certified Practitioner

Why is SSCP Certification important for you?

Advance Your Career With Essential Cybersecurity Skills.

You’re dedicated to your work in IT or information security, but it’s time to take your career to the next level. Take a big step forward with the SSCP!

This well-known, global IT security certification offers instant credibility. And it’s an excellent way to expand your cybersecurity knowledge — particularly if you’re in a hands-on, operational IT role or you’re building a foundation in information security.

The SSCP shows you have the technical skills to implement, monitor and administer IT infrastructure using information security policies and procedures. You’re skilled in protecting the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data


Who should attend?

  • Network security engineer
  • Systems/network administrator
  • Security analyst
  • Systems engineer
  • Security consultant/specialist
  • Security administrator
  • Systems/network analyst
  • Database administrator


Domains Weight
1. Access Controls 16%
2. Security Operations and Administration 17%
3. Risk Identification, Monitoring and Analysis 12%
4. Incident Response and Recovery 13%
5. Cryptography 9%
6. Network and Communications Security 16%
7. Systems and Application Security 17%
Total 100%

Access Controls

  • Implement authentication mechanisms
  • Operate internetwork trust architectures
  • Participate in the identity-management lifecycle
  • Implement access controls

Security Operations and Administration

  • Understand and comply with code of ethics
  • Understand security concepts
  • Document and operate security controls
  • Participate in asset management
  • Implement and assess compliance with controls
  • Participate in change management
  • Participate in security awareness and training
  • Participate in physical security operations

Risk Identification, Monitoring, and Analysis

  • Understand the risk management process
  • Perform security assessment activities
  • Operate and maintain monitoring systems
  • Analyze monitoring results

Incident Response and Recovery

  • Participate in incident handling
  • Understand and support forensic investigations
  • Understand and support BCP and DRP

Understand and apply fundamental concepts of cryptography
Understand requirements for cryptography
Understand and support secure protocols
Operate and implement cryptographic systems
Networks and Communications Security

  • Understand security issues related to networks
  • Protect telecommunications technologies
  • Control network access
  • Manage LAN-based security
  • Operate and configure network-based security devices
  • Implement and operate wireless technologies

Systems and Application Security

  • Identify and analyze malicious code and activity
  • Implement and operate endpoint device security
  • Operate and configure cloud security
  • Secure big data systems
  • Operate and secure virtual environments

Exam format:

Duration: Up to 3 Hours

Number of questions: 125 questions
Question format: Multiple choice and advanced innovative questions
Passing grade: A passing score is 700 out of 1000 points


You have hands-on, technical IT skills and some practical security knowledge. Sound familiar?

The SSCP is an excellent step for you if you:

Want to validate your skills and experience, so you can advance your career and earn more respect.

Are serious about the exciting field of information security.

Love a challenge and are always looking for ways to better yourself.

Want to expand your knowledge and confidence, so you can deal with new IT security threats and better protect your organization.

Want to join a global community of subject matter experts. As a member of (ISC)2, you gain access to networking, professional development and more.

Need to comply with government or industry regulations. (The SSCP is DoD 8570 approved.)

Benefits of SSCP

  • Respect. The SSCP certification validates your knowledge and experience. It’s a way to be taken more seriously. SSCPs have a voice in decisions, and their managers and peers value their advice.
  • New career opportunities. The SSCP can spark career growth. It can lead to higher pay, promotions, more complex work, exciting challenges, project lead roles and even better jobs.
  • Growth and learning. The SSCP not only proves your knowledge, it helps you develop new skills you can instantly apply in your day-to-day work. And you’ll stay up-to-date on emerging security threats.
  • A path to the CISSP and/or a career in information security. The SSCP is an excellent way to prepare for the CISSP. It’s also a strong foundation for a career in information security. You’ll build confidence, learn new skills and get familiar with the format of the (ISC)2 exams.
  • A broader perspective. You’ll better understand the business side of things: from risk management, to business continuity planning. And because the SSCP is vendor neutral, you can apply your real-world knowledge across platforms. You’ll bring more value to those you’re serving.
  • Community of professionals. You’ll become a member of the (ISC)2 community. You’ll gain access to an amazing network of peers and ways to better yourself.

How do I get started with SSCP Training?

If you are willing to take the challenge and obtain a SSCP Certification, our experts will ensure a valuable experience, whereby your needs will be met and you will become part of our global network.
Contact us to begin with the first step.


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