M_o_R® Practitioner

Why should you attend?

The purpose of the Practitioner certification is to confirm whether you have sufficient understanding of how to apply and tailor M_o_R in a scenario situation. You should, with suitable direction, be able to start applying an M_o_R approach to any organizational perspective but may not be sufficiently skilled to do this appropriately for all situations. Your individual risk management expertise, complexity of the organizational context and the support provided for the use of M_o_R in your work environment will all be factors that impact what you can achieve.

Who should attend?

Anyone working within a corporate governance environment that has reponsibilities for identifying, assessing, planning or managing risks or reporting on risk management activities across the organization.

Learning objectives

  • The relationships between the four elements of the M_o_R framework.
  • Applying the principles, approach, processes and techniques.
  • How to review and make recommendations to embed the M_o_R framework.
  • How to create and assess any of the M_o_R framework documents.

Educational approach

  • Lecture sessions are illustrated with examples based on case studies
  • Practical exercises are based on the material which includes role playing and discussions
  • Practice tests are similar to the Certification Exam


  • M_o_R Foundation certificate.


Exam Format:

  • Objective testing
  • 4 questions per paper, 20 marks available per question
  • 40 marks required to pass (out of 80 available) – 50%
  • Three hours duration
  • Candidates may make use of the Management of Risk: Guidance for Practitioners (the Management of Risk ‘guide’), published by TSO, together with ABC Guide Part A Example Techniques guidance document. No material other than the Question Booklet, the Scenario Booklet, the Answer Booklet and the two guides is to be used

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