GIAC Advanced Smartphone Forensics

What is GASF Certfication?

The popularity of mobile devices in our work and personal lives has become increasingly broad and complex. The volume and type of data that these devices carry such as contact lists, email, work documents, SMS messages, images, internet browsing history and application specific data make them important for the individual who carries the device and allows for a rich source of data for forensic examinations.

Why should you attend?

The GASF enables you to learn:

  • Fundamentals of mobile forensics and conducting forensic exams
  • Device file system analysis and mobile application behavior
  • Event artifact analysis and the identification and analysis of mobile device malware

Who should attend?

  • Experienced digital forensic examiners
  • Media exploitation analysts
  • Information security professionals
  • Incident response teams
  • Law enforcement officers, federal agents, and detectives
  • Accident reconstruction investigators
  • IT auditors

Learning Objectivies:

The topic areas for each exam part follow:

  • Android Backup and Cloud Storage Forensics
  • Android Device Forensics and Analysis of File System, Evidence Locations and User Activity
  • iOS Backup and Cloud Storage Forensics
  • iOS Device Forensics and Analysis of File System, Evidence Locations and User Activity
  • Mobile Forensics Introduction
  • Mobile Malware and Spyware Detection and Analysis.
  • Third-party Application Artifact Analysis
  • Third-party Application Forensics Introduction


A fundamental understanding of Microsoft, Linux

Exam Format

  • 1 proctored exam
  • 75 questions
  • Time limit of 2 hours
  • Minimum Passing Score of 69%

General Information

  • Training is available in a variety of modalities including live conference training, online, and self study.
  • Practical work experience can help ensure that you have mastered the skills necessary for certification
  • College level courses or study through another program may meet the needs for mastery.
  • The procedure to contest exam results can be found at

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